It failed.

First of all, I already have a scrabble game from like forever ago in my attic so I was like cool, I’m covered on the “J” (for my name - Jessica) piece. Now I just need the ring. So I drive to this Walmart and can’t find it. I know of this craft store like thirty minutes away, so I call to ask if they have it there. They put me on hold for legit 10 minutes, only to get back on the phone and go “okay you were looking for a ri-” and I’m hung up on, assuming here for their sake that it was on accident. At this point I’m like fuck it they’re a craft store, they have to have it, I’ll just go. I get to the store and I’m looking…and I’m looking…and I’m looking…(Side story here, there were the three black dudes, shopping in the jewelry section of the craft store, and discussing a friend of theirs who trying to get into the rap industry…I was like uh, this doesn’t fit…) So anyway, I’m looking and can’t find it. I go find an employee who is just chatting it up with another employee and I’m like hi, I’m looking for a ring and I can’t find any. She just looks at me for a second and then goes, “a ring?…yeah that’s in jewelry.” -____- Woman, where do you think I looked first? Moral of that part of the story: people are dumb.

So when I get home with my ring that I finally found, I find Scrabble and all the pieces that are left (this game is like ancient)…and there is no J. Not one. But dammit I drove an hour round trip to get this damn ring, and honestly ended up paying as much for it as if I had just ordered it online, so I’m making a damn ring. So now I have a ring. And it has an N on it. Because my last name starts with an N. And I don’t give one half of a fuck. Moral of this part of the story: I’m dumb.